We have all been there. You are simply strolling along tending to your very own concerns, when out of the blue you turn the corner and hello, what do you know, you see a dead body. OK, so this doesn’t occur to us all. Truth be told, on the off chance that it happened to you, it would be one of the most noticeably awful things that could have experienced. That is to say, truly, the main thing that could have been more awful is that you yourself really were the dead body that you encountered.

We all taste the dust one day. This is a reality. You can endeavor to deny it, you can act as you couldn’t care less, yet the straightforward reality is that at some point or another it happens to us all. What a large portion of us trust in is a full life and an honorable passing. We dislike it but rather we can approve of that. What none of us trust in is to kick the bucket in some peculiar manner and have our body sit in a Walmart parking garage for quite a long time. Yet, hello, that is the thing with life and passing we don’t generally get what we need.

OK, so this one isn’t exactly as terrible as some other stories; it doesn’t care for you simply observe a dead body randomly you need to go inside a crocodile to get to it. Things being what they are, I take it back. That is super-frightful. 

A man was walking in a dark night when he reached across a stream bank. He was tired and it was quite there, almost deadly quite. But as he was so tired it didn’t bother him so he decided to take a rest there for a while. He was laying down and decided to close his eyes just for a while. As he was resting, he heard the sound of small rocks rubbing against each other. He decided to ignore it. But few moments later he heard the same sound from his other side as well. This made him a little uncomfortable, but his eyes were still closed as he was thinking to check what is making that noise. As he was about to open his eyes, he felt something brushing against his arm. At that moment he was scared as hell. He didn’t needed to open his eyes as he already felt and knew what is was that he felt. He was scared and wanted to run but he knew there was no one for his help and in that moment he was completely alone. There was no hope for him. He tightened his fist in horror and……

This was the news playing on the TV the very next day:

It appears that a few officers skewered a crocodile for reasons unknown; I assume possibly in light of the fact that crocodiles are so darn awful. When they looked in its mouth they found a human head, and middle and afterward discovered progressively inside its stomach. The man’s legs were discovered more distant down the stream. Police said that the person was assaulted and eaten the earlier night by a crocodile as he rested on the stream bank. So hello kids, in the event that you happened to need to go through the night go out by a stream where crocodiles hang out, you should need to reevaluate that decision. My advice would be that you should not go for a stroll at that time in the night. Specially, not alone.

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