Google Earth role in technology revival

Google Earth is a Geo-browser that gets to satellites and airborne pictures, sea soundings and other geographic information by means of the Internet to speak to the Earth as a three-dimensional globe. Geo-browsers are also known as virtual globes or earth browsers. The Google Earth Map and Geographic Information Program were originally called Earth Viewer, 3D, created by KEYHOLE, INC, and was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – funded company in 2004.

It initially had three licenses, but was later reduced to only two:

  • Google Earth is a free version with limited features.
  • Google Earth Pro is now free, but it used to cost $399 a year.
  • The third option, Google Earth plus, has been discontinued.

The product was re-released by Google in 2005 for computers and Windows. Then, in 2008, the phone was released. In addition to releasing updated keyhole-based clients, Google also adds images from the Earth database to their web-based mapping software, Google Maps.

Functionality :

Google Maps is an app that many of us will lose without. There are many competitors’ map apps, but Google is the undisputed number one app. It’s easy to use, rich in features, and great for mobile and desktop. The fact that most mobile phones are pre-installed does not completely destroy the cause.

  • Navigation global :

When you open the program for the first time, Google Earth displays an image of the Earth. You can explore the earth with your mouse or navigation controls. The easiest way to navigate the Earth is to grab the map with your mouse and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

  • Search location

Google Earth includes a search bar where you can enter a location name and “fly” to the site.

  • Create a landmark

Landmarks are important sites of your choice. You can add titles, descriptions, photos, videos, and data associated with the placemark.

  • Track with the Ranger

This feature allows you to track rangers through hidden miracles in national parks around the world. This means you can go to the places where most people will never go.

  • Go on and adventure

With Voyager, you can choose the adventures you want from the most dramatic mountains to unusual lakes around the world.

Common use in Different areas

  • Golden Hour

One of the most interesting uses of Google Maps, I can honestly say that I have seen an interesting website called the golden hour. The golden hour is defined as a special hour – the first and last hour of the sun – when the sun tends to fall on the object in a certain way, to create some of the most beautiful photos of all time with the right quality. Now, photographers looking for the right outdoor lighting can use Golden-Hour.com to view today’s “Golden Time”.

  • Facilitate Science

Google earth helps in various fields of science. Recently in the U.S, scientists partnered with Google to find the methane leaks in the US.

  • Educational beneficial

Google Earth is easy to use and presents a wealth of information in a visual geospatial environment that applies to topics in Geoscience courses and many other educational environments.

  • Helping your business

The Google maps street view is accomplishing more than assisting with the examination procedure. It’s exhibiting the nature of your business. By giving this element to your client, you’re demonstrating that your business thinks about its clients. What’s more, will do all that it can give the best client experience.


  • Unreliable

The infrastructure for web servers and the Internet is not completely reliable because web maps rely on external data sources.

  • Lost privacy

Now, with a combination of available dates and distributed data sources, it’s easier to find personal and personal data that can be integrated using open standards and documented APIs.

  • Quality and accuracy issues

The symbolization of content and data can be a problem for many web maps. They are not as accurate as people expect.

  • Copyright issue

Many people are not used to publishing geographic data; this is because their concerns about copyright infringement are too real, and people from different parts of the world may steal their work without their permission.

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